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Strong R&D Capacity, Strict quality control, Professional in-house design team, craft technical team as the supports.

Low Cost

Quick feedback of accurate price quotation and net costs calculation for the buyer.

Professional Design

Deep Cooperation with the top design studios on this industry, sharing the trendy ideas with the buyers every season.

Management Experience

Rich purchasing resources and supply chain management experience, we can provide the newest and innovative material quickly and competitively.


Do you know how many years it takes for a plastic bag to degrade in nature? It needs a full 470 years, and the world’s first plastic products have not completely degraded and disappeared.

There’s enough plastic waste to wrap around the entire circumference of the earth two and a half times every day!

Our ECO Crafts Series are made of 100% biodegradable and compostable materials and a great ecological alternative to reduce single use plastic consumption and ocean pollution. Plastic Free and FSC certified. Our paper material is from forests that comply with the most rigorous environmental and social standards.

With our Eco products, you not only have a good fun time but also can help save our planet.



Cardboard Tube Monsters

Five cardboard tubes and accompanying craft patterned paper, pipe cleaner, wiggle eyes, double side tape and more-make for hours of creativity and imagination with friends and family.


Cardboard Tube Farm Animals

Following our instructions and accessories, children can creative an interesting livestock girl group , leading the fashion trend. Turn dull items about to be thrown away into objects that spark joy, learning.


Eco Craft Paper Carton Set

Never look at your throwaway items the same way again. Turn dull items about to be thrown away into objects that spark joy, learning, and resourcefulness.


Eco Craft Milk Carton Set

Different materials to create a Race Car, Robot, Sailboat, and Truck! Each box includes all the additional items needed to create up to 4 projects using standard milk cartons.


Paper Roll Octopus

Our paper roll octopus set consists of paint pots, paper rolls, brushes and wool yarn. With these materials you can make your own vivid octopus friends.


Smarten Union is creative and innovative company integrating manufactory and trading in Ningbo, China.

Our company have over 20 years of experience in producing and supplying various DIY,Craft Art Kit, Craft essential material & accessaries, Stationery Set and other creative toys products and etc to abroad customers in different countries.

European, USA, South American and Japan is our main market. We manufactoried and supplythrough middleman to famous big companies around the world, such as Target, Tesco, Action, Woolworth, LIDL, ALDI, Daiso, K-mart, Jumbo, Kaufland, Dollar General, Michaels, Wilko, TEDi, HEMA and also do the direct business with some big companies like Flying Tiger, The Book People, Hobby Lobby etc.

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